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Toasters of the 1920s
Dec 30, 2011 . However, I have a soft spot in my heart for vintage toasters, having had my own . The heyday of the electric toaster began in the 1920s when, according . done, the operator opened the side doors and the toast “flopped” out.

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50 items . 1920'S ANTIQUE TOASTER + POWER CORD, 550 WATTS, MADE BY... Enlarge . Antique electric toaster by Marion Giant Flip Flop Rute... Enlarge .

Retro Toasters
Steelcraft Toaster The Steelcraft "Coathanger" Toaster from the 1920s . The thing had to be heavy because the flopping toast chamber might tip the thing over .

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Rare Old All Copper Toaster 1920s Era Toastrite Porcelain Toaster Pan Electric . Rowenta Toaster -- No Reserve Rare Vintage Antique Flip Flop Toaster Not .

1920s Shoes Bridal
Now the 1920s shoes had low heels, and where more of a t-strap or mary jane . for a vintage wedding or a 1920s themed wedding. but then again 1920s bridal .

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#769, $30; Priscilla Extra Fast Toaster, Series 641, 1920s, works, SOLD; . $40; Majestic, (we bought this toaster in an antique shop in New Zealand), 230U, 1950s . Frary & Clark, New Britian, Conn, E947, works, $50; Luber Flip Flop Toaster, .




Avila University vintage flop toaster 1920 s Athletics

1920 - 1940
This time period was probably the most active for toaster innovation and design. . swung around - "Swingers"; others had doors that flopped open - "Floppers"; tipped out - "Tippers"; or dropped the toast out ("Droppers"). . The Twin Bowl Triple Purpose Toaster - an unusual toaster from the 1920s . Click to view vintage ad.

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Marion Giant Flip Flop Toaster 1914 Antique Vintage · bottlediggerockhound . favorite. Antique Toaster Samson United Corp Electric Flip Sides 2 Slice 1920s .

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