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Articles By J.D. Pendry . Kyle-Anne Shiver & Lee Cary · Kyle-Anne Shiver With Dr. Joseph Spooner · L. Jenkins · L.E. Ikenga . Anthony F. Milavic, USMC (Ret.) .

July « 2011 « JDs Bunker
By the end of his time, he decided to increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps. Fortunately, the legacy of training doctrine left by the leadership that rebuilt .

Marines « Truth, Lies and In Between
May 26, 2012 . Posts about Marines written by 1IDVET. . 27, 1950, Mr. Truman stated: . Yesterday's ruling from Senior U.S. District Judge Malcom J. Howard .

Soldier Stories
Mr. Obama appears more desirous of creating a "cult of personality" and a socialist utopia by any means . J. D. Pendry - Sergeant Major, USMC, Retired. patriot .

Old War Dogs
J. D. Pendry. I often receive condescending email from liberals. Some of them from a gentleman who identifies himself as Will Estes. Mr. Estes, like most liberals , .

The New Hampshire Gazette » J.D. Pendry and his “Axis of Idiots”
Oct 27, 2009. was credited to one J.D. Pendry, “Retired Sergeant Major, U.S.M.C.” . That, dear reader, is all the attention we intend to give Mr. Pendry.




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“The Axis of Idiots” By J.D. Pendry retired Marine Sergeant Major ...
Apr 25, 2008 . J.D. Pendry is a retired Marine Command Sergeant Major who writes for Random House. . You accused United States Marines of cold-blooded murder without proof and . No, Mr. President, you don't get off the hook, either. • View forum - Covey's Corner
The Dr. Ruth You Didn't Know by Gregory Markle on Tue Aug . 'The Axis of Idiots ' by USMC Sgt Maj J D Pendry by Scott Covey on Tue Aug 18 .

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